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Resting is part of working

Postado por Ali Ismayilov em 26/12/2013

Ho, ho, ho!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Yes, the title has no typo, it's about resting, not testing. I won't write my first post about coding, gems and etc. This post is for those developers who work and forget about taking a rest.

Resting is part of working. We all had that moment when you miss a lunch just to fix the problem. We all had sleepless nights writing code. It is normal to have them few times in a month. But having them very often has its own harms on our health. It spoils our sleep, activity and most importantly: our eyes.

One Last Time (Image from Bonkers World)

TDD urges us to take small steps in solving problems. Maximum of 1-2 hour tasks. Taking break between every tasks, clearing mind, drinking some water will boost the productivity.

Working hours in a row without resting, drinking Red Bull will keep you working, but the creativity will go down..

I had several times found myself fixing my own code which was written in last sleepless night.

Although, don't overuse the resting. Or else you'll find yourself close to deadline and have no time for resting ;)


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