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Choosing colors: quick tips

Postado por Beatriz Correia em 05/05/2014

Today I will talk about choosing color palettes to work on a new project. This is my method to decide about the base colors that will be on the project interface. I Hope you like it.

First of all, you'll have to check if your client already has a visual identity or not. If he/she does, it will be faster, but let's assume that he/she doesn't. In this case, you will have to do some research about the business, and check what colors better represent the idea and the target market. Another good practice is to research the competitors’ colors to avoid choosing anything similar to what’s already out there.

When you’re done picking the base color to his/her visual identity, it’s time to make it work on an interface.

I like to use cleaner colors and elements when I start a project, because it is all about the first step of an idea and it has to be easy and comfortable to navigate through. I think that every first step has to be basic because the project should evolve and transform itself as long as it’s being used. You’ll find that the real functional and visual needs begin to emerge alongside the project's evolution

So, my advice is start with less. One or two base colors.


And then I have some advices for navigation that I like to use. If you need to highlight something on your interface, like links or buttons, use the opposite color of the palate base color. Like this: When using blue as base, you can use yellow or orange for your button.


And about paragraphs, I like to use neutral colors, but please, avoid black. And also avoid colorful texts, especially if the color is too vibrant. This is awful. Stay at the grey scale between #333 and #999.


Avoid aggressive backgrounds, unless you have a lot of empty spaces. Make it clean. Nobody likes to get tired from navigating your site.


I hope my post has been helpful to you. Noting: that this is my way of doing things is not the absolute truth. If you work as a designer, you should use the theories of usability and user experience added to your own practical experience. Be creative.

I also have some interesting links for working with colors: Colour Lovers <3 | Adobe Kuler

Feel free to comment and share your own experience choosing color for your project. I'll be glad to read. ;-)


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