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Full stack development

We have a flexible technology team with various skillsets and abilities that you can consolidate for your product.


UI/UX design

We will provide the best solution for your products’ interface, testing its user experience and continually improving its design.


Product strategy

With an experienced team dedicated to your product strategy at no additional cost, we help you achieve your goals.


What we have done

Inspiring projects. Stunning ideas

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What our customers say

  • 9/8
    HE:labs in Brazil presented a strong value proposition in terms of cost, flexibility, culture, time zone, productivity, and business acumen. Wellzesta is glad to have partnered with He:labs to develop Wellzesta Life. Don’t overlook South America as a source for high tech talent.
    John Robinson
    John Robinson
  • 1/8
    It was necessary to deploy the app using our APIs, and HE:labs made ​​it virtually without asking us any questions, super smoothly. Through HE:labs we could accelerate our backlog, and their experience with mobile devices was key to achieve the results we expected.
    Julio Shnaider Gejer
    Julio Shnaider Gejer
  • 2/8
    I want to say I was surprised. During two weeks of Mobile Startup Dev, the team have taught a class in project management. We thought that maybe the scope was too big, but in the end everything worked out . Besides, they delivered one thing that is very important to us: the 'Wow' factor! Today I look at the app and say, 'Wow!'
    José Finocchio Jr.
    José Finocchio Jr.
    App PM Canvas Mobile
  • 3/8
    Working with HE:labs exceeded my expectations. It is very important to work with someone who help you develop and structure your ideas, and with HE:labs that was the case. Much more than a team able to accomplish goals and tasks, I came across intelligent and creative people, who raised the level of my work in all aspects .
    Bruno Thomé
    Bruno Thomé
    Projeto App Fly
  • 4/8
    What caught my attention the most was how focused the team worked from the first meeting about the project. The deadlines set at the beggining have been rigorously met. The suggestions presented, when each member of the team showed their screens, helped enrich the system and even though they were not applied, they kept the ‘heat’ of our thinking on the best possible functioning of the system.
    Milton Menezes
    Milton Menezes
    Vita Corporativa
  • 5/8
    I thank the HE:labs team that worked on my project. Congratulations to them! In just two weeks they understood my idea and helped me turn it into something real. As a result they created my application.
    Eduardo F. dos Santos
    Eduardo F. dos Santos
    App Single Line
  • 6/8
    Working with HE:labs was amazing. Whenever we talk about hiring a third party company, an average service reputation comes to mind. But it is just the opposite. These guys are extremely attentive, disciplined, good at end-to-end services. I heartily recommend.
    Matt Montenegro
    Matt Montenegro
  • 7/8
    What caught my attention the most in HE:labs was their responsiveness to my demands.
    Leandro Guimarães
    Leandro Guimarães
    Brasil Pré-Pagos
  • 8/8
    Working with the HE:labs team was gratifying, knowing that delivery would be made according to what was planned. A proactive team that whenever possible, anticipated problems and proposed alternatives.
    Cristiano Cadime
    Cristiano Cadime
    PMP Martim Fisher Soluções Inovadoras
Eduardo Coutinho - mCare Montreal
Eduardo Coutinho Montreal
Rodrigo Paolucci - Samba Ads
Rodrigo Paolucci Samba Ads
Joaquim Torres - Locaweb
Joaquim Torres Locaweb
Fabiane e Helena - Sala de Ideias
Fabiane e Helena Sala de Ideias

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