Sylvestre Mergulhão

Sylvestre Mergulhão

Developer & Founder of HE:labs

Sylvestre sold his first internet project in 1998, and since then has improved in programming through the languages Perl, PHP, C, Lua and Ruby, the latest in 2006. In the same year, he graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems at Unirio University.

A few years ago, #horaextra became part of his routine on Mondays. There, developers and designers of multiple languages, unsatisfied with their work environments and technologies they used, exchanged ideas about how it would be to have a group of people providing software services, where the environment made people happy.

Soon, Sylvestre created HE:labs. The "HE" was in honor of the #horaextra group. Through it, the dream of working in a cool, laid-back environment, using agile methodologies and delivering good results in web software in a short amount of time, came to fruition.

Sylvestre also likes to brew his own beer at home on weekends, and hopes to toy with home automation again.


"Invent less problems!"

— União Sugar Advertising Campaign, 2007