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A disruptive teaching method. An innovative digital solution.

We created a new way to manage one of the most innovative schools of the world. It’s a tool that allows managers to monitor students’ routine and analyze their performance daily. It's a tool that facilitates proper support to courses required.


The Digital Mosaic implementation has brought great results. The students' transcript and their performance in each activity can now be analyzed at any time. We also made the tutors allocation process faster and more efficient as we now have access to the profile of the best tutor for each class.
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    The compilation of records of a project used to take one week. Now it just takes one cllick.
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    The selection process of qualified tutors used to take two weeks. Nowadays it only takes six hours.
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    More than ten documents with the students' performance evolution analysis were summarized in one graph.
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    Estimated savings of BRL 46,200.00 per year in man-hours.

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The Lumiar School

Lumiar was named one of the 12 most innovative schools in the world by Microsoft, UNESCO and Standford University.
It has gained notoriety because of its disruptive teaching method that goes beyond the models stipulated by the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC). We from HE:Labs worked in partnership with Lumiar to create a digital solution that centralizes the routine of managers, tutors, teachers and students. That digital solution will make Lumiar’s expansion a lot easier.

The problem

Lumiar used to implement its teaching model using paper forms and compiling and analysing all data manually, spending unnecessary time.

The methodology

In partnership with the client we found out how to facilitate Lumiar's teaching model implementation. We had to centralize all available information and create algorithms to automate the compilation and data analysis. So we followed our methodology. In weekly meetings we defined the tasks to be performed in order to reach our goal. By the end of each week we had an improved product ready to be tested by the users: managers, teachers, students and their parents.

The Solution

We created a digital product that helps the managers to efficiently implement Lumiar’s teaching method. This product brings together all the data, centralizing a complete historic of all activities performed by each student, with photo, audio and tutor’s evaluation. It allows the managers to easily analize the students' problems. If any student is having difficulties in any subject, the platform algorithms will recommend the best tutor to assist them. All that is done electronically based on records of the tutors.

Creation process

We believe in the power that immersion in an environment brings. We created a visual language that brings the user to the world of education. This was one of the priorities since the start of the project.


We tested and approved our hypotheses with actual users in weekly rounds.
  • Mosaico Digital Lumiar
  • Mosaico Digital Lumiar
  • Mosaico Digital Lumiar
  • Mosaico Digital Lumiar
  • Mosaico Digital Lumiar


Guided by the results of our tests, we created an easy and intuitive interface for a better user experience (UX).


We created a collection of unique icons to connect tutors and students to the world of education.


He:labs work was excellent. They placed our product in a new level, making deliveries in very consistent and short cycles. Attention, clarity and speed were part of the interactions we had with the dedicated team. I recommed them for rapid development sprints.
Renato Dias
Renato Dias

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